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Author Topic: Brexit  (Read 4384 times)

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Re: Brexit
« Reply #165 on: Wednesday 21-Aug-2019, 02:12* »
I think it would be perfectly reasonable for that % to rebel against them if they patronised them, lied to them, refused to engage with them, had broken electoral law to get into their position, and delivered something entirely different and more extreme to what was promised during their election campaign. Then I think it would be ok to object.

Holding politicians to account is not being a part of the problem. What many leavers donít understand is that having a strong robust opposition strengthens us as it holds those responsible to account to deliver a better solution. It shouldnít be a dictatorship

However Farage, Johnson, Rees-Mogg etc donít like that though because they know that when their ideas are challenged, they fall apart as the fantasy that they are.

Alex, you have to understand that in this country there are different views and perspectives. You canít go around assuming and bellowing our that all Leavers are something, just because little old sour you voted the opposite which was to Remain. I highly respect your wishes were to Remain and I think itís admirable of you to stand by that. But that doesnít mean you have a right to naysay all Leavers all the while branding all of them stupid. No two people are the same, even if there is only two sides in Leaving or Remaining. There is no valid argument when people say ďLeavers didnít know what they wantedĒ or ďThe question should have been more specific on the ballot paper as there are so many ways of going about either leaving or remainingĒ. Because no two people are the same is the exact reason why it was a simple Leave or Remain vote. When you bring in other complexities to the question we will never get any where and people will be squabbling forever more with no clear answer because everyone has a different view on how to Leave or Remain. The vote was a simple question because of this. And with that simple question people took part in voting and the vote ultimately led to a Leave vote. How or why is the governments problem to sort out, the people did their bit in deciding and voting. The most democratic way to do this was two plain options, not 22 different ones. It causes more complexities and even more squabbling. It is not simple and confuses the country even more so, rather opposite to your claims that people didnít know what they wanted. Some people (Leavers and Remainers) didnít know how they wanted to either Leave or Remain and what deals/no-deals to be arranged, they literally just knew what they wanted and their feelings about about the EU were and why they either wanted to Leave or Remain. Thatís their feelings on the EU (the undemocratic corporation, not to be confused with the continent and itís people who are actually quite nice) just for clarification. Itís up to the government to sort out the rest, and to do that they completed the first steps whereby the democratic vote led to leave. The next steps should have been to do it in the way the government feels along with the deadline that if they couldnít decide what to do in the best interests of all involved, they would Leave via No Deal on March 31st 2019. Itís their problem if they didnít pull their fingers out until the final year of debating this as (if you like) and that they couldnít sort out a deal to your liking, you can blame it on them, not the Leavers. There was in this time of 3 years a general election regarding Mrs Mays tenure and direction in which she survived at the time, and then further along the line a vote of no confidence which failed, no wonder, with Corbyn behind it. What should have happened on the 31st March 2019 was to leave with no deal due to our governments (under May) failure to Leave with a deal which was put to vote and among other options where we ended up with people hijacking what was written in the law to leave with no deal. Since then the conservatives fairly had to vote for a new PM from their party, completely fine to do so as this issue is regarding Brexit and technically still their party leading the government for this time period until the next general election. Theyíve done that in Boris Johnson and now it looks finally like there is some clear direction in Leaving (we negotiate a fair and democratic deal for both sides of the U.K. & the EU. If we canít negotiate, where you will see that the UK is trying to but the unelected leaders of the EU do not want to, then we will Leave by November 31st 2019 with No Deal. Finally we have some sense of direction and also a back bone. The ball is now in the EUís court. If they do not want to renegotiate, then we have decided we do not like their current proposal and will leave with No Deal. Fair and square.

If you donít like that, then your chance to voice your opinion on it will be in the next general election where you will have a fair and democratic chance to vote for what you want to vote for, or moreover who. Until such time, you have to surf the wave you are currently on, whether you agree with it or not. Just like the time when the EU elections were cast, it was clear that most Leavers still want to Leave, as well as newly ascertained ones in people now of the legal age to vote, and by once Remainers now being converted to Leave. The vote happened when it happened and in a fair fashion, not brought forward or delayed unfairly. The same should happen in an general election, it should come about when itís due to, not before or after due to meddling of a petty group of select Remainers in government.

I recently read a post on social media which I will now consider going forward:

Before you argue with someone, ask yourself: Is that person even mentally mature enough to grasp the concept of different perspectives?

Because if not, there is absolutely no point

Look I have high respect for you as Iím sure you are a good person, nice guy and you are right to have your views and to express them as is anyone, so long as they donít mean harm. I sincerely mean you no harm in my argument. But I cannot go on further if you canít grasp the concept of different perspectives. Or if you keep putting every Leaver under the sun in the same basket. We are not all horrible and we are not all far right, most of us just donít want to be in the EU.
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