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Author Topic: Brexit  (Read 2497 times)

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Re: Brexit
« on: Friday 26-Oct-2018, 12:52* »
Well from what I can make of it, that was quite biased to the Remainers side of things although it does make some good points. I seriously hope that all these shark infested "Treaties" are a little easier to renegotiate than is being mooted. After all, it is a Treaty conversion not a completely fresh start.

I did vote in the referendum and see no reason to have changed my mind either way.

I voted Remain and would do so again.  But that's not because of any particular love for the EU.  In fact, the EU itself is a pretty grotesque beast of an organisation, and the Brussels elite are well out of touch with reality - it really is another world over there.  The days of big-man politics are over.  I'm actually naturally Eurosceptic and have always been massively against our possible joining of the Euro.

But I voted Remain because the ideas proposed by the Leave campaign, IMO, were low calibre, reactionary, and offered no real positive and realistic vision of an alternative.  Our press has blamed the EU for so many of our self inflicted ills.  Issues now require global co-operation and work - cutting ourselves off from such an organisation seemed folly to me.  Leave politicians are protest politicians - but like the Greens and others, it's far easier to campaign for change o specific areas, but if/when given power and authority to implement them they wouldn't be able to do the first thing.

I think a no-deal Brexit would be absolutely bonkers.  It is the most stupid proposition - you simply cannot just cut off 40 years of co-operation and regulatory and legal alignment like that without killing the patient.

What is the answer then?  Call it off? - I can't see that working.  Keep delaying? - that won't wash either.

Norway is probably the only practical solution to not disrupt trade/jobs/flights/NI border.  Would that appease the Brexit ultras - probably not?  But it's probably the only workable compromise in the timeframe.

Norway, or Remain?  What is it going to be?

P.S - as an aside I find it deeply amusing that Ireland, for so long the oppressed neighbour, is holding all the cards here.  The NI border situation is complex and has always been the spanner in the works.  British Imperialism - this one is for you.

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