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Author Topic: Corona Virus  (Read 228 times)

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Re: Corona Virus
« Reply #15 on: Saturday 14-Mar-2020, 10:45* »
No donít write for the daily mail
Cases arenít even recorded now, if you call 111 you are now told to self quarantine and stay at home
The actual death rate is increased because there is not available bed space either as this time of year the hospitals are under pressure anyway, so deaths increas not just from the virus but from the knock on effects
Itís not the same as the flu, itís very new , and current count if  is 145k have it 70k fully recovered and 5k deaths
Although the accuracy of recorded cases is now being questioned


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Re: Corona Virus
« Reply #16 on: Saturday 14-Mar-2020, 10:48* »
Jesus, this thread.


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Re: Corona Virus
« Reply #17 on: Saturday 14-Mar-2020, 11:18* »
Jesus, this thread.

Pain innit? Its almost like my computer has got a virus.


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Re: Corona Virus
« Reply #18 on: Saturday 14-Mar-2020, 12:44* »


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Re: Corona Virus
« Reply #19 on: Saturday 14-Mar-2020, 12:51* »
It will be very interesting re-reading this thread in six months time.

Until then it is not at all interesting (to me) so I won't!


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Re: Corona Virus
« Reply #20 on: Saturday 14-Mar-2020, 12:56* »
This Coronavirus Is Unlike Anything in Our Lifetime, and We Have to Stop Comparing It to the Flu

This is far deadlier than the flu.
As Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, and others have said, COVID-19 is deadlier than the flu. Itís deadlier for young adults. Itís deadlier for older adults. In China, early data shows that it was 10 times deadlier. This chart from Business Insider compares U.S. flu deaths to deaths in China from COVID-19.

Mayor West

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Re: Corona Virus
« Reply #21 on: Sunday 15-Mar-2020, 08:30* »
From what I understand, we all need to catch it to become immune to stop future outbreaks. Most of us will not be badly affected, itís the vulnerable we must protect until a  vaccine is found. Until then a slow controlled spread so that infrastructure can cope is what we need. Unfortunately there are a lot of corporal Jonesí around.
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Re: Corona Virus
« Reply #22 on: Friday 20-Mar-2020, 22:31* »
A lot of experts on here, this is unprecedented times so follow the advice until we know what we are dealing with
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Re: Corona Virus
« Reply #23 on: Saturday 21-Mar-2020, 09:15* »
Well I'm stuck indoors for 12 weeks at least now. Time to get off the booze and get fit I guess!



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