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Author Topic: Equality Issues  (Read 1358 times)

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Re: Equality Issues
« Reply #60 on: Monday 09-Sep-2019, 14:40* »
Just so Iím 100% clear, I am no advocate of quota systems or artificially altering demographics. For any role, a competent person has to be selected.

Iíve long been an advocate that you change the demographic at the top by changing it at the bottom and letting that change filter through.

I would also reiterate that any choice we make is shaped by the world we live in.

I share your belief that there are some biological reasons why certain demographics excel in certain fields (such as the fast twitch fibres helping sprinters and low oxygen levels helping distance runners). But I canít see a biological reason why men would take greater risks.

I *can* see a societal norm that men are risk takers and women are meant to be more risk averse.

Iíve read a couple of interviews with Peterson and to be frank found him abhorrent. Fully prepared to see however that thatís probably because he challenged my world view. And also those of the magazines the interviews featured in.

Iíd also add that we arenít just discussing the feminist agenda. Most of the subjects we have discussed impacts all minorities negatively.

I think we can both agree that weíre not going to change one anotherís mind but a good debate is always fun!

I don't think people should try to change the minds of others; it's better to open people's minds and give them a wider perspective, then see if new views and opinions formulate. Trying to forcefully change someone's mind never works, and usually has the opposite effect.

My mind hasn't changed, but I have gleaned some new points and views which have made me look at things in a different light. Also, we seem to agree on some fundamental points, and that's very important.

At least we didn't try to shut each other down by shouting "GARBAGE!!!"!



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