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Author Topic: Brexit  (Read 1640 times)

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Re: Brexit
« Reply #135 on: Friday 29-Mar-2019, 16:44 »
Wel we are clearly not going to leave tomorrow....And I can’t see anything changing between now and April or May so the can will keep getting kicked down the road.

Yesterday’s votes show MPs can’t agree and don’t seem to know what they’re doing.

I go through ups and downs with hope and justification for another referendum. My enthusiasm and hope for it is building now - I think it’s the only way out of this mess. The momentum is behind it now, I think.

What question(s) would you suggest (I can imagine you need 3), and how would the winner be declared, a simple majority as per the last one? I just cannot see this working.


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Re: Brexit
« Reply #136 on: Tuesday 02-Apr-2019, 13:05 »
Am actually starting to think a no deal Brexit would be a good thing. It would mean the existing losers in charge would have to face up to their actions and would have no one to blame. It would give the country a massive education as they’d realise swiftly what they’d thrown away. There’d be a period of hardship, depression, probably civil unrest. But would lead to a cold hard dose of reality and humility for many.

I think it might lead to a better politics in the future, born out of the hardship this created, and a more engaged and fair politics in the future.

The irony is the next generation will probably be begging to rejoin the EU 10-15 years down the line.

I’m mentally prepared for this carnage now and have completely given up on the current wastes of space in Westminster.


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Re: Brexit
« Reply #137 on: Wednesday 03-Apr-2019, 11:51 »
We definitely need to move to a much more consensual political system and get away from this unworkable and stupidly confrontational 2 party system with its constant blame culture.
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Re: Brexit
« Reply #138 on: Wednesday 03-Apr-2019, 13:23 »
Brexit has really shown how little in common some at each ends of the 2 main parties have with each other. Agree with the above on a less confrontational approach being desirable.


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Re: Brexit
« Reply #139 on: Tuesday 09-Apr-2019, 07:09 »
So the Cooper-Letwin bill passes, reducing the risk of crashing out under no-deal. Can see the only way out being a long extension of a year or so for the country to get its act together. What happens in that period who knows?

I can’t see a consensus being reached cross party as they are focussing on the wrong things - I.e freedom of movement, primarily; and are making a dogs dinner out of the rest of it.

The irony is that “free movement” is something we could have had more control over in the past within the EU but have chosen not to.

Another irony is the misunderstanding of immigration on a broader sense.

Regarding “free trade” - I doubt anyone other than a tiny minority of disaster capitalists could quantify what these trade deals really mean for us. Also ironic, especially as we atte more powerful as party of a bigger group.

“Take back control” is a sadly misleading phrase for us.

Currently thinking that there won’t be another referendum or a dramatic revocation, but Brexit will slowly drift away from us over the next couple of years.

When March 29 passed, I felt a tinge if sadness and sympathy for those disappointed about not leaving on that date.

That feeling has gone, and I’m now back to the place where I think they just don’t deserve any sympathy at all. The leading Brexiteers ran away when the going got tough. No-one had a plan. And no-one really understood what on earth they were doing and why they were doing it.

It has been middle England’s mid life mental breakdown, as they have struggled to keep pace with the modern world. It is sad to watch.

Fearless Fred

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Re: Brexit
« Reply #140 on: Tuesday 09-Apr-2019, 08:04 »
The absolute cherry on the **** cake is Brexiteer Mark Francois MP (he of the "I was in the TA & learnt never to withdraw" fame) yesterday demanding, without a shadow of concern for the irony of it, that conservative MPs be allowed a second chance (vote) to pass a motion of no confidence in the OM as new information had come to light, and the "Will of the Tory MPs" has changed. You really couldn't make it up...
« Last Edit: Tuesday 09-Apr-2019, 09:36 by Fearless Fred »



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