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Author Topic: Terrible 2nd half defence against relegation fodder (better?)  (Read 2860 times)

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I was watching Gabs very closely in defence all game, as I too have been concerned, but I actually thought he was much-improved. Sure, maybe that's not saying much, but I thought if anything that Earle was worse than Gabs in defence yesterday - got absolutely skinned on a couple of occasions. He reminds me a bit of Ugo - his top-end, straight-line pace is great, but it takes him sooo long to get going. I don't know how much acceleration you can 'add' in training but it's one thing I feel he needs to work on. Don't get me wrong, he's still our best all-round winger - I'd just love to see him be able to fly off the mark. It let him down yesterday.

Overall, though, I left The Stoop feeling a bit disappointed (not quite as intensely as Blucher) that it definitely felt like a step backwards defensively. It doesn't really matter how great Worcester's backs are supposed to be - we looked ropey from the off. However, we got away with it and I'm happy to chalk it up as a one-off rusty game after a long period without any serious competitive game time for most of those guys. Maybe letting them go off on holiday backfired slightly? Either way, I expect Gussy to give them a right kick up the derriere in training this week and hopefully we won't see that again...

Agree with this, Tom. Nothing Gabs could do for the disallowed try in the first half as it was 2 on 1. The first Heem try Quins then didn't get the numbers right and again left him 2 on 1. Their 4th try I think was mainly caused by Boyce slipping off the tackle which then allowed them to break through. After that they had men over and Gabs was again stranded. I do think he doesn't fully commit to the tackle sometimes and that's a bit of a worry but hopefully that can be worked on.

In contrast on the 5th try Earle didn't do enough to get back to Adams and was too easily handed off. There was a similar incident earlier in the second half where as you say Earle took ages to get up to full speed and only just got back to Adams.

I had the same feeling of a really poor finish when leaving the ground but when watching things back I think Worcester just threw caution to the wind a lot in the second half and some risky offloads worked out for them on two of the tries when on other occasions the ball might have gone down. That was then compounded by Quins falling off a couple of key tackles. Hopefully the strong finish from Worcs means they'll be on it for next weekend.

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