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Author Topic: Admin. Please shutdown the dumb Word Association thread  (Read 688 times)

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I will never understand the need for it. Same as puns. There is a difference between off-topic and slightly tenuous threads that don't continually go to the top of the list and the banal need for punning and word association nonsense.


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Change the record please!


  • Academy Player
  • Posts: 313
No need. It's been kicked into the long grass. Joy.


  • International Starter
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  • Posts: 613
Oh the irony that this thread is now being kept at the top. Resistance is futile.


  • Academy Player
  • Posts: 321
but now you've pointed it out, it will be locked and soon fall down the page.


  • Guest
Nice one Victoria. You voiced (posted) what a lot of us only thought about!


  • Guest
So the choices are:-

1) Ignore the thread until it's 48 hrs old , then deadly will be allowed to pun it back to the top.
2) Keep the thread at the top to prevent 1).
3) In a drastic attack on free speech, lock the thread.
Damned if you do etc....


  • Guest
Nobody's going to throw your toys back quin_jon.

Clearly you're a poster on that rubbish thread and its now dropping down the page. This thread is discussing issues not ridiculous one worded posts which have no presence on a thread discussing rugby. As Victoria posted... buy an iphone word game and say goodbye!


  • Guest
Ha Ha that is priceless, let's check the ignore list out. I suggest you do the same but I'd be surprised if you could read the instructions given how dark it must be where you head is stuck.


  • Guest
I guess with a response like that, that's why you post on one worded threads!


  • Administrator
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Well, as AdrianB pointed out this thread is now locked. Not because I care if a lot of people are discussing it, but we're descending into brattish name calling/insults and I really don't want to send anyone to bed without supper, not over this.



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