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Author Topic: Balls on Bags  (Read 1766 times)

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Re: Balls on Bags
« on: Tuesday 18-Sep-2018, 08:56* »
If things go to plan, as the season goes on we finally learn how to defend. At the moment we know the theory but it's not second nature. It's like when you learn to drive and your brain is overloaded trying to remember everything. In the end much of it becomes second nature and doesn't require conscious thought.

Based on improved defence, our attack starts to function properly and stops breaking down as soon as we're in the oppo's 22. Then we'll start to beat teams that last season we didn't have a hope against. So although it looks rocky right now, it's all going to be plain sailing after Xmas. Exactly the opposite of last year. You believe me, don't you?



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