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Should Quins go after Elliot Daly

Heck YES!
10 (13.5%)
Yes if we don't break the bank/run out of money for other new Signings
16 (21.6%)
No, we've enough options in the backs already for next season
48 (64.9%)

Total Members Voted: 74

Author Topic: Elliot Daly  (Read 4133 times)

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Re: Elliot Daly
« Reply #30 on: Wednesday 06-Feb-2019, 10:43* »
Yeah I remember all that. My point remains: why would they continue to infringe?

To remain the most sucessful club in the country.

Your previous post neglects to recognise that there is a standard supply and demand market outside the premiership i.e. France. Who will pay big money for star players. Sarries have to ensure they keep the best players. (even the ones who they have brought their acadamy) so they are competing against the French as well. Its a short career, players will go for salaries rather than the quality of the clubs scatter cushions.

Whilst no one actually knows salaries, anyone who has followed rugby knows that there are benchmarks for levels of players - published yearly by Rugby magazines.

Put these benchmarks against their squad (once it is finalised) and you will see whether they are over this cap.

A group of us did this the year it was all hushed up and Sarries Leicester and Bath all seemed to be over the cap at the time.

It left a bitter taste when the Premiership caved in to Sarries bully boy tactics when they threaten to go to court.  Hence the animosity of most rugby fans to Sarries and their spending



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