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Author Topic: Harlequins line up Springboks star Pieter-Steph du Toit to replace Robshaw  (Read 1677 times)

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The bit that made me doubt this was the fact he is still under contract for next season, but then the following popped into my head.....

- If we buy out his contract does that also come out of the cap or not as he is coming from overseas??
- If the answer to the above is yes, if he were to join as a Marquee player, that would not matter as any payments regarding him are out of the cap (even a fee we would have to pay)??


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Given the size of him, he is one of the few players in world rugby who could replace the Robshaws... It would be a superb signing and great for our EQP back rowers to learn from.


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It seems that Louw was in contract for next year with the Stormers.  I am not sure if we paid for his release but potentially the same could apply to  du Toit. 


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I'm sure he would be a great signing but do we really want to be the South African Harlequins?
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I'm sure he would be a great signing but do we really want to be the South African Harlequins?

If we get to sign players of that quality, I don't care where they come from! As long as they're not Welsh... (joke!)
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Well he will be like the Robshaws, we get two, Peiter and Steph du Toit
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I'm sure he would be a great signing but do we really want to be the South African Harlequins?
No we don't want to be known as SA Harlequins. But he would be a great signing. Full stop. I don't mind having a few Boks in the squad, they generally have good mental attitude. And Wilco sounds a good signing too. But du Toit doesn't sound like a done deal to me. If he does come over to south west London though, he would need to be reminded that he follows in the illustrious footsteps of one former club captain and club legend, Andre Vos. Glad to see Gussy name checked him in his tribute to Robshaw. Vos brought Robbo through and showed him "how to put his head where it hurts." Hopefully, whoever replaces Robbo will do the same with one our our academy lads?


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Getting him in will be a massive statement of intent.

I think for next season a young but decent scrum half to push DC is actually the next most important thing. Landajo has improved but we need to build for the future

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Quins have a way to go to catch up with Sale, they have (afaik) at least 9 Saffa's playing for them.


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I'm sure he would be a great signing but do we really want to be the South African Harlequins?

It's great to see the NZ partnership paying off with a steady flow of talent into the squad...from SA.
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Fish Quin

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Ive quickly counted the number of South African players and the total number of non-English players by each club. This is just taken off Wikipedia, so take with a pinch of salt, but I didnít notice any glaring errors:
Exeter 2/18
Sarries 2/11
Bath 1/9
Northampton 4/14
Sale 9/15
Gloucester 6/17
Bristol 1/19
Worcester 8/28
Wasps 3/14
Irish 3/28
Leicester 3/20
Quins 3/17

At a glance, I would say we donít have to worry about becoming Known as SA Harlequins, we are very much in line with the bulk of the league. Sale, Gloucester and Worcester lead the way in South African players. Interestingly, Worcester and Irish have significantly more non-English players than the rest, probably because itís cheaper. At the other end, big budget teams Sarries and Bath have the fewest non-English players as they donít need to pinch the pennies.

I had a quick look at the Sarries squad from 2010 as a comparison on the South African numbers, and they had 8 full blown South Africans in their squad that season and a further 5 born in South Africa but declared for another nation.


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We've definitely moved away from being a club that prioritises English players and above call home grown. It's a bit of a shame but if the talent isn't there then it's silly to be loyal to an ideal that isn't working.

Similarly, as we have found out with Kyle and as sarries would have found out, there is not enough incentive to develop England internationals in terms of credit under the cap. I agree that sarries would have had a genuine grievance if they'd have lost their home grown England players due to the cap.

I do still like seeing academy players come through. For example, it's awesome seeing marler play for the lions when you've seen him first running out at imber court in the A league. Sadly clubs aren't properly incentivised to do so anymore. On a separate point, many clubs, quins included, have seemingly given up on the a league too, so you're more likely to see a load of guests running out that future England internationals.
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It's now apparent why SA want to play in the 6 Nations - all their players are over here!
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