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Author Topic: Match Report: Benetton vs Harlequins  (Read 949 times)

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Match Report: Benetton vs Harlequins
« on: Friday 14-Dec-2018, 10:04* »
Italian Adventure - Benetton  8 Dec 2018, KO 14:00
By J Scott

It had finally arrived the pre Christmas weekend to Treviso.  After having witnessed an excellent team performance the previous Friday beating Exeter under the lights of The Stoop.  My wife and I set off to Stanstead on the Thursday evening with a overnight stop at the Travelodge.  The next morning  we met up with our travelling partners and boarded the flight for Treviso.

   Arriving nice and early at 0930 and at the hotel soon after we managed to get one of our rooms, dropped the bags and headed to Venice.  Not being fluent in Italian we managed to try and board a train that was coming from Venice not to Venice, clearly that was someone else’s fault, not mine!!  So once on the correct platform we were treated to a steam train pulling up, which killed 20 minutes talking about how it would be great to drive and how ‘That’s a proper machine’.

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We got into Venice and had the usual sightseeing trip, which included the standard pizza, ice cream, beer and espresso.  Not to mention some amazing sights and boat trip.  When we got back to Treviso we headed to the Celtic pub which had already been taken over by the Quins fans.  We got there just in time to witness the presentation of a prestigious Quins gnome and a rousing rendition of ‘Come all within’.  The beer was flowing and a great evening was had by all.

   Game day, was here.  So a hearty breakfast was required but a continental one had to suffice.  All very nice but I do have a mental block with cheese sandwiches and cake for breakfast.  The girls headed off for day 2 in Venice leaving us lads loose in Treviso so with nothing else to do we went in to the town and soon bumped into a friendly Lions fan who to talk to us in good enough English to say how gutted he was that Sinkler was not playing and that their second stands cover was being used for the first time.

   After a quick espresso and look round the market it was time for a beer.  Into the Celtic bar it was then, which was already well frequented with Quins fans and decorated with quartered flags.  A few beers and a good rugby chat with some fellow Quins it was time to get the bus to the stadium.

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The journey meant meeting more Quins fans and a couple of bouts of ‘Come all within’ to get us in the mood.  The stadium is located slightly out of town but it has a good set up with ample parking and transport links.

   Into the stadium a quick look around the club shop for a souvenir ended up with my dad getting over excited waving his new Benetton flag that he tripped over a seat and went head first into the home shirts.  After an initial moment of panic it was time to laugh at his expense.  As with most rugby days the next stop was for some food and beer and talking to some more expectant travelling fans all of us hoping and expecting another Quins performance that would show the progress made by this squad. 

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We found our seats which were well placed and all thanks to the efforts of QUINSSA (thank you). We had a cracking view of the pitch and it wasn’t long until the teams were out our voices were warmed up and kick off.  Some 2 minutes later with some excellent inter play Dombrant was put away in the corner for an early lead.  In true Quins style it was not long before we were behind and the home sides turn to play some lovely running rugby for a Luca Sperandio try and penalty given away.  Both players scored again in the first half, Dombrandt after some nifty foot work from Marchant.  But it was the home team who went in on top 18 - 12.

   Halftime drinks let me witness the craziest system for a bar I’ve ever seen.  Join one que to purchase a piece of paper to join another one, which after 5 minutes of waiting got told it was the que for Guinness.  So to the bar with paper in hand and it was whoever waved it the hardest got served, after a while I got some beers.  Only for them the be smaller than the ones at the outside bar for the same price.  Oh well when in Rome (Treviso) and all that.

   The second half kicked off which was very bitty, a Benetton player yellow carded and not much to cheer but a few penalties it was 21 - 21 all.  Both sets of fans were really getting behind their teams with echos of HAR-LE-QUINS and LIONEZ-LIONEZ around the ground.  I may also have been guilty of trying to enter into banter with a group of their fans, which is a little difficult when neither speaks the others language. But the atmosphere had really gone up a notch and in truth probably deserved a better game.  Both sides were going for the win. 

   They were into our 22 in fact they had dominated possession and territory during the second half.  30ish seconds on the clock we get the ball and it ends up in the hands of the young talent that is Marcus Smith, who kicks.  I’m not too sure what his aim was but it ended up into the arms of the Benetton fullback who set off on a mazy run and some excellent support play saw the ball passed out of tackles and create space for a Ioane try to be scored in the corner.  Benetton fans gave the loudest roar of the night and Quins fans the loudest groan.  The players and fans couldn’t believe it, Smith was on his haunches in disbelief and clearly angry with himself.  The final whistle 26 - 21 home win.

   My new Italian friend was absolutely over joyed and we shook hands, I could only congratulate a win.  He informed he’s coming to London for our home game, I hope he enjoys his visit to the Stoop.

   Some players went straight off including Smith who I assume just wanted to get away he was closely followed by Marler who I hope gave him some wise words.  He is still young and will be a great 10 when he matures. 

[ Guests cannot view attachments ]

A little dejected it was back to the Celtic pub to drown our sorrows and see what the girls had bought in Venice.  Venice is a lovely city and Treviso a nice town with friendly people and great fans.  Well worth the trip even if the result was not ours to celebrate.

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Re: Match Report: Benetton vs Harlequins
« Reply #1 on: Friday 14-Dec-2018, 11:24* »
Lovely! I felt I was there. Thanks.


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Re: Match Report: Benetton vs Harlequins
« Reply #2 on: Friday 14-Dec-2018, 11:59* »
You obviously enjoyed the trip, gutted that I couldn't make it.

Chipstead Quin

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Re: Match Report: Benetton vs Harlequins
« Reply #3 on: Friday 14-Dec-2018, 13:05* »
Great write up thanks - as you say Quinssa did a great job as always to enhance overseas relationships and they presented the owner of The Celtic Pub with a Quins gnome .

The bar also had a memorable tip jar ...


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Re: Match Report: Benetton vs Harlequins
« Reply #4 on: Friday 14-Dec-2018, 16:39* »
Great write-up, thanks. Very amusing. And a nice photo to end. A little over-processed, but the effect kinda works!

J Scott

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Re: Match Report: Benetton vs Harlequins
« Reply #5 on: Friday 14-Dec-2018, 20:25* »
If yo mean the last picture, that’s as it was taken on an iPhone. No camera wizardry. If you met you’d understand I wouldn’t know how to. Lol Glad you all enjoy it. Might try m hand again if needed.


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Re: Match Report: Benetton vs Harlequins
« Reply #6 on: Friday 14-Dec-2018, 22:49* »
Thank you for the excellent report. I love hearing about the full details of the trip. It really brings alive the love for what we, as fans, commit to.


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Re: Match Report: Benetton vs Harlequins
« Reply #7 on: Friday 11-Jan-2019, 19:29* »
Thank you for such a good report. A really enjoyable read. Wish I could have been there, despite the result.


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Re: Match Report: Benetton vs Harlequins
« Reply #8 on: Friday 11-Jan-2019, 22:47* »
J Scott so it was your dad who fell over in the shop?! My wife keeps telling that story haha

My wife and I sat and chatted with you guys after his trip but before the game.

J Scott

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Re: Match Report: Benetton vs Harlequins
« Reply #9 on: Monday 14-Jan-2019, 19:23* »
AJ Quin oh ok. It was very funny once I realised he’d not had a heart attack.  Nice to chat with you and your wife maybe catch you for a beer at a home game soon.  I really enjoyed the whole trip hope to repeat next season to where ever we end up playing.   



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