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Author Topic: Transfer tittle tattle  (Read 20282 times)

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Re: Transfer tittle tattle
« Reply #60 on: Saturday 05-Jan-2019, 15:59* »
Clifford is small??? He is 6ft4. Bigger than Chisholm.

He's not. The internet might say he's significantly taller than, say, Chris Robshaw, but:


Chisholm is clearly a bigger bloke than Clifford too. Significantly beefier. The internet will tell you James Chisholm is 16 1/2 stone - that's about 4-5 years out of date. 

The Quins site, which like all rugby sites likes to exaggerate for the players sake, has both JCs at exactly the same height and weight, which is good going considering how much wider Chisholm is!



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