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Author Topic: The Ricoh experience  (Read 1512 times)

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Re: The Ricoh experience
« Reply #15 on: Monday 20-May-2019, 17:01* »
I enjoyed my visit there.  I thought the seats had a good view.  It certainly didnít feel like a 16000 crowd, it lacked the atmosphere of the Stoop.  Yes there was more booing, but it didnít affect my enjoyment.  Overall, Iíd be happy to go again


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Re: The Ricoh experience
« Reply #16 on: Monday 20-May-2019, 20:39* »
The ground was quite nice with a decent view of the pitch. It was our first time there and we had heard tales of it being soulless (as much from Wasps fans as anyone). It was no Stoop, Kingsholm or Welford Road but it wasn't terrible.

As for the Wasps fans....well. Entitled? Perhaps. Myopic? Could be. Pests? Without doubt! One lady thought my support was 'scary'! Well, this is what loving your team looks like, my friend!

Parking outside the ground at the nearby footy club was great. The fan village was odd unless you wanted to join the military. The 'buzz' sound effect before their team came on was funny. Daly wasn't too niggly, Le Roux was a bit.

Still gutted, all in all! Will go back next year, though. We will outclass them and hammer them!

J Scott

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Re: The Ricoh experience
« Reply #17 on: Monday 20-May-2019, 21:01* »
1st time Ive been to the Ricoh . 16,000 crowd apparently - but possibly the worst PA system Ive ever experienced . It could be just where we were sat but could barely understand a word that was said .

Seems to me it was an end of term party atmosphere in the crowd and probably many non regulars - there was a group of about 20 students a few rows in front of us who were only there for the beer , and not too bothered about what was happening on the pitch , just up and down for beer all game  (  but we  suffer from that at The Stoop as well don't we) ,  maybe why there was more booing than usual ?

There were also Quins fans whistling Sopoaga when he took an age over a kick , so not all one sided .

I have to say ours is not the best either, very rarely can I understand what is being said.


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Re: The Ricoh experience
« Reply #18 on: Monday 20-May-2019, 21:33* »
3rd time there for me. I like the rioch apart from the results! I was in block 15 and moved to block 17 towards the top. Plenty of empty seating to spread out.


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Re: The Ricoh experience
« Reply #19 on: Tuesday 21-May-2019, 07:52* »
The Ricoh boos has always happened since day 1.
When Wasps first moved in the did some good PR with the local schools and clubs, lots of free tickets etc. I think a large section of the crowd was/is new to rugby.. 
I've been a few times (I live in Solihull), and It's always a bit cringy, as the opening post said...they boo everything. Even last season Marler was annoying the home crowd and at one stage during the match He was being seen to by a physio for an injury, the game had paused so time was "off"....He was being slow clapped, which I did think at the time was bad.
I don't enjoy going to Ricoh (geographically My nearest Prem club), so I don't go except for the Quins match and the Tiger match (teenage son is a Tiger supporter)

On a completely different note, nice touch by Mike Brown to give his match shirt to a youngster after the game, chatting to Him and His Dad on the bus back to the station....it was their first away game, so they had a good end to their visit.
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Re: The Ricoh experience
« Reply #20 on: Tuesday 21-May-2019, 16:11* »
Only reason I mentioned was itís  third trip there for me and had never heard it so much before, that along with not respecting the kicker was reason for post
Watched highlights yesterday and did come across on TV as well
Think facilities etc good just shame about lack of respect from some
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Re: The Ricoh experience
« Reply #21 on: Tuesday 21-May-2019, 18:37* »
First time I'd been the Ricoh,sat in the cheap seats in the North stand. Seats had a good view of the pitch, queues for beer and bogs pretty quick (much better than The Stoop).

The Wasps' fans I was sat near were great, really friendly and had a good chat about the 2 teams and the season. Yeah booing wasn't great but not nasty.

Look forward to going back next year.

TW Quin

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Re: The Ricoh experience
« Reply #22 on: Tuesday 21-May-2019, 21:11* »
First time at the Ricoh rather underwhelmed. 1st impressions intimidating horrible football turnstiles and charmless stewards. It felt like we were Millwall.

Give me the rugby feel of The Stoop, Sandy Park and Castle Grim every time. The Ricoh bars were souless places too.

On the plus seats were reasonably priced very comfortable with a good view. We had Friendly Wasps ruby folk around us. Save that is for an idiot a few rows away encouraging his mates to boo Quins at most touches and  screamin Quins were a load of shxt. Well done mate you enhanced our match day experience so much we moved.

Stadium feels like itís in the desert and the bus ride back took an age. Coventry rail station - definitely in a desert too not a pub anywhere near it.


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Re: The Ricoh experience
« Reply #23 on: Tuesday 21-May-2019, 22:32* »
I don't generally go to games at soccer grounds but made the exception because it was a massive game for us. This was my 2nd visit. I hated the 1st in Pests 1st season at the Ricoh and the stadium was pretty full, mostly with midland accents. That level of local support seems to have levelled out and the Pests fans I met were long timers and really friendly.
Reason I don't like soccer grounds is the lack of atmosphere and the overpriced concession prices. You don't need to buy beer at the Ricoh as just a 5 minute walk from the north end of the ground is Dhillons Brewery which operates much like the Twickenham Ales brewery being open 2 hours before and after the game. They sell great real ale in proper glasses at reasonable prices and have a great inside bar and seating area. Check them out next season, I certainly will especially as there is no pub within easy walking distance of the station if travelling by train.



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