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2017 Season by League Position

I'm not sure how well this will work with mobile phones but bear with me...

In the old days Premiership Rugby, as part of it's stats for the season, would produce a graph showing the changing league positions week by week in the season. I thought it might be fun to reproduce that and thanks to InsertQuinsPunHere in this thread, I have managed to do so. 

Click here to see image in separate window (Good for mobiles/tablets)

2017 Season by League Position

So, it all looks horribly confusing, but concentrate for a moment on the yellow line (Harlequins), and you can see for the first half of the season we bobbled around from 5th to 9th, started at 8 with our loss to London Irish, but next week we were 6th in the League, then 5th before dropping to 6th then 9th. In the second half of the season we got into a rut on 9th, eventually swapping with Saints for 10th.

Look at Worcester, green line at the bottom, and see that it was week 8 they swapped with London Irish  and then both teams kept their respective position until the end of the season. 

General Observations 

Interesting it didn't take Exeter (3 weeks) or Saracens (6 weeks) long to find their finishing positions. The actual top 4 finishing position was established in week 16 with Leicester playing a brief disrupting game. However both Wasps (3rd) and Newcastle (4th)  both had a rocky ride with Wasps 10th in week 6 and Newcastle 9 in weeks 8 and 9. The important thing is they both came good in the last quarter of the season. 

London Irish and Worcester never really got off the ground. Worcester starting 12th and finishing 11th. London Irish looking good in week 1 when they beat us, but crashing down to 11 and eventually out the premiership. 

Bath Rugby

Eventually managed a 6th place, fought their way up to 3rd in the first half of the season, bobbled around 5/6th and then slumped to 8th before pulling it back to 6th. Not nearly the return Bruce Craig was looking for for all the time effort and money invested. 

Exeter Chiefs

Taking over from Saints as the team that goes marching on. Were first in the league by week 3, 16 weeks in total at no. 1 and 2 series of 7 weeks non stop. If there was any justice in the world would be acknowledged winners of the league 2017/2018. 

Gloucester Rugby

A real roller coaster of a ride for Gloucester fans. Start of 1st in the league. Crash to 10th. Fight their way up to 2nd by week 10. Then plateau on 4th for a while, then 6th, eventually finishing a disappointing 7th. 


Didn't start well with our loss to London Irish, but in the first half of the season we were 5th twice, 7th three times. We started the second half of the season at 7th and hopeful of getting some of our walking wounded back, you might have hoped for an assault on the higher positions. Didn't happen! Flat lined on 9th for basically that second half before dropping to 10th at the end. 

Leicester Tigers

The plot of their season looks like The Big Dipper! Down to 11th by week 2, climbed to 3rd for 2 weeks, back to 9th, up to 3rd but just outside the top 4 with a 5th place finish. Unlucky. 

London Irish

Despite both wins over Harlequins, couldn't work their magic on other teams. Flat lined at 11 until week 8 when they made 12 and stayed there for the rest of the season. Sorry to see them go, hope they're back soon. 

Newcastle Falcons

I said at the start of 2017 these were my dark horse predictions for success. So glad to see them come in 4th (and with a bit of consistency in the last quarter of the season. However they had to survice a bit of a scare from week 5 when they dropped from 2nd to 9th. But they fought their way back up the table and deserved their 4th place. Well done!

Northampton Saints

I remember David Ellis saying a few seasons back that Londoon Irish were no longer the team we wished to emulate, but that it was Northampton Saints! Well, we emulated them last season (or they us). They had a better start making it to 1st in week 5 of the premiership, but then they crashed to 8th then 10th, where they flat lined until they leap frogged us with 1 week to go. Not a happy time for Northampton. Not a happy time for us! 

Sale Sharks

Bobbled along in the lower half of the tables, 6 times they were 10th in the first half of the season. However, they fought their way up to 6th twice in the second half of the season, eventually finishing a respectable 8th. 


Did what they had to do to make the play offs, then beat the best team in the premiership in a winner takes all game to get called champions. It's not what I call them!


No longer the basket case they were. Bit of a dip in the second part of the first half of the season (weeks 5-9) but fought their way back to 3rd by week 11 and basically stayed their for the rest of the season. Nice and consistent, well done. 

Worcester Warrions

12 for the first 7 weeks of the season, then swapped with London Irish to stay 11th for the rest of the season. Going to have to be a whole lot better this season. 


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