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Guide to writing messages on the forum

You'll have seen already when making a post you have a number of buttons to help you. They allow you to make text Bold, Italic, Underlined etc.. They allow you to show an image from the web or device, or to make a link to an article. 

Using BBCode

This is all done with something called BBCode, and rather than attempt to reinvent the wheel, I'd direct you to this BBCode Guide. It may not be exactly what we use, but it is very close. This one is very similar to our board.

So there's three ways to produce this BBCode. Say, for example, I want a bold word Hello

  1. I can press the button for Bold Bold Button  in which case I see [b][/b] with the cursor in the middle. I can then type the word "Hello", resulting in [b]Hello[/b]. If I type after the [/b] then text is no longer in bold.
  2. Or I can type the word Hello, highlight it with the mouse and then press the Bold button, then I get the same result [b]Hello[/b].
  3. Or if you're particularly masochistic or using a very special piece of BBCode you can just type the whole thing yourself [b]Hello[/b].

Making Links

The easiest way of making a link, say we want to link to the official Harlequins site, is simply to copy the URL (the bit beginning "http" or "https" in your browser) and paste it where you want to use it in your message.

So here is a link to the Offy https://www.quins.co.uk/ 

Note:If your link is too long (some of them can be huge) then use a utility like tinyurl to shrink it to manageable size. Simply goto  https://tinyurl.com/ , paste the long URL as indicated and copy the smaller one. 

 If you press the "Insert Hyperlink" button Insert Hyperlinkyou see the BBCode [url][/url], and you then type or paste the URL in there, so you get [url]https://www.quins.co.uk/[/url]. This has no advantage over the previous method

Recommended Approach to Links

Where it pays dividends is if you want to use text for the link instead of the URL. If I want to say "Link to Harlequins", and make anyone who clicks on the text go to the site, then this is how I do it 

  1. Copy the URL of the official site, i.e. https://www.quins.co.uk/ 
  2. Type the text you want to use, i.e. Link to Harlequins 
  3. Highlight the text, press the "Insert Hyperlink" button Insert Hyperlink and you have [url]Link to Harlequins[/url]
  4. Position the cursor before the first closing bracket "]", so after "[url"
  5. Type "=" and paste the URL you copied in step 1
  6. You should now have [url=https://www.quins.co.uk/]Link to Harlequins[/url]
  7. This will appear in your post as Link to Harlequins

Posting Images from your device

 To do this, use the option underneath where you are posting called "Attachments and other options"

"Choose file" will let you select your file from where it is being stored and you can then select how you want the image displayed.

"Inline expandable thumbnail" will insert a small picture where the cursor currently is, and clicking on that will show the full image. This is the preferred way of doing it as large images can interfere with the screen layout.

Posting Images from the Web

If your image is from the web, say a picture in a newspaper or some such, you can usually find the URL by right clicking (if you have windows) and then picking "Copy image address". If you have just the picture showing, say from a Google image search, then you can simply copy the URL from the top of your web browser. 

Once you have that, then simply paste the image address, such as https://www.quins.co.uk/uploads/152146219525160/original.png. Highlight this with the mouse, press the "Insert Image" button Insert Image and you have 

[img]https://www.quins.co.uk/uploads/152146219525160/original.png[/img] which looks like this when previewed or posted

United We Stand

If you have posted a particularly big image, then adjust the [img] tag to say [img width=800] (that number may need playing with)


Quoting works like any other piece of BBCode, just copy what you want to quote, paste it, highlight it with the mouse then press the "quote" button Quote Button. This wraps it in BBCODE that says [quote]Whatever text[/quote]. However, what if you want to give the author of the quote. then edit the first tag to say something like [quote="Mr. Blobby"]The text Mr. Blobby wrote would go here[/quote]


 If there's one bit where the new board falls down it's in doing tables. The easiest way is to use the "Code" button Code button and simply align the tables between the [code][/code] tags with either tabs or spaces. I find it easiest to keep the tabs on separate lines of their own, so


Col1        Col2       Col3

Val1        Val2       Val3

Val4        Val5       Val6


If you don't like the look of the [code] tag, or you want to add additional BBCode in your tables, then you have to use the "preformatted" tags, [pre][/pre] instead of [code]. There is no button for this, you have to type these yourself.

This message explains how tables work on this forum but it quite an effort producing them and especially maintaining them. 



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