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Title: Team picker
Post by: never sleep on Monday 11-Nov-2019, 14:54*
During my copious free time last week, I created a "Team picker".

And here it is -

You can go into the team picker from Monday morning and start picking your team for the next game.

The results can be viewed after you make your selection, but are best viewed on this link:

My aim is to create a summary every week before the teams are officially released (e.g. on Friday at 11:30am).

For anybody interested, this is how it works:
The form is a Google form that captures the responses and saves them in a Google Sheet which I have shared.
The Google Sheet has various tabs.  One of the tabs is all of the selections.  The "Current" tab shows selections since Monday morning.
The Sheet "just works".  I do not need to do anything to update the results.  I will need to make alterations to the Form though as the squad changes (e.g. I will remove Joe Marchant when he goes to the Blues).
There are charts on the Forwards and Backs pages which analyse the results.  I will be creating a "Backs 2" page in the near future.
For the people who value their privacy, there is no private information stored anywhere.  There is an option to enter a Nickname.  If you are happy to do so, then you can enter the same name as you use on this board.  From a GDPR perspective, this is essentially anonymous data.  All data collected is public.
For support purposes, all issues with the above system will be dealt with as follows:
Priority 1 - resolved within 1 hour; Priority 2 - resolved within 2 hours; Priority 3 - resolved within 1 day; Priority 4 - Best endeavours.  All issues with this system will be categorised as Priority 4.

And lastly, many thanks to InsertQuinsPunHere who has introduced me to the amazing "=query()" function.  Without this, the dashboards would need constant refreshing.
Also, thanks to the people who provided feedback on Friday.  Please continue to do so and I will endeavour to continue making this better. 
Title: Re: Team picker
Post by: Admin on Sunday 13-Sep-2020, 21:33*
Removed all old posts regarding this.