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Title: Qera
Post by: honkytonk on Monday 13-Aug-2018, 09:15*
Free agent now.  Linked with LI but TRP suggests he is staying in France in the hope of a medical joker slot.  Worth a punt if a)We have cap space and b) he would come to us??  Back row is only and injury or two away from possible issues (Robshaw with England and Clifford and Bothma have both had recent issues)
Title: Re: Qera
Post by: TomBuckQuin on Monday 13-Aug-2018, 10:26*
Too old in my mind - in his last season at Gloucester I remember his effectiveness dropping off a fair amount. Must be mid-30s now? Not saying mid-30s is always past it but when it comes to ball carrying back row players (which it seems is what we're on the hunt for if anything) there are only a few in every hundred who carry their performance levels through to that age - Minty was one.