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Title: League Position 2018/2019
Post by: DOK on Sunday 07-Oct-2018, 17:32
Premiership Rugby used to do an interesting chart on league position by week.
I've been keeping track of this so far this season and this is what the chart looks like to date:


Taking an average of the positions (which is very dangerous I know) the table is
1  Exeter
2  Saracens
4= Wasps
4= Gloucester
5  Harlequins
7= Bath
7= Leicester
8  Bristol
9= Northampton
9= Worcester
10 Newcastle
11 Sale

Top 3 places look pretty sewn up at the moment - Exeter, Saracens and Wasps.

Gloucester, looking pretty consistent in for 4th place

Leicester hanging round in the 5,6,7 area.

Harlequins have been hanging in around 4,5,6

And then it gets a bit more rocky...

Worcester started at 7, down to 12, currently 7

Bath 2 weeks around 4,5 but now 8

Northampton, rough old start to the season. 7 their highest, 11 their lowest, currently 9

Bristol, initially plummeted to 10, up to 8 but now 10

Sale bumping along the bottom, 9 their highest but currently 11

Newcastle up as far as 8, but been on 12 and currently back there.
Odd because I thought they'd do better this season.
Title: Re: League Position 2018/2019
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